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Founder’s Message

Asif Mehmood

We the humans are a global family. Religions, cultures, creeds, colors and ideas are different but more or less all preach & focus onto one commonality called love ie loving humanity & beloved God/ ALLAH JS. Communities which we call deserving & affected are production of manmade classification in human race, injustice & inappropriate distribution of social stakes. TABA (wa ta`wanu ala bir wattaqwa…..and help each other in good deeds Almaida: Al Quran) is an endeavor to get righteousness & its blessing on one platform to serve Pakistan & the World Community in an organized manner through humanitarians making the difference, who think & perceive above religion, creed, culture & politics. My humble prayers & submissions to ALLAH JS who lead all of us to be one & be HIS team serving brothers & sisters with us. May this foundation of selflessness & love flourish & be a sunshine enlightening humanity rudiments ie tolerance, brotherhood, love & living for each other (Ameen).