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Naimunnaseer Welfare Trust (NNWT) has a distinguished record of providing comprehensive and timely earthquake relief to communities devastated by seismic disasters. The Trust’s strategic and empathetic approach ensures that both immediate needs and long-term recovery are addressed effectively. Here are detailed accounts of NNWT’s significant earthquake relief efforts:

1. Baluchistan Earthquake 2013

Following the catastrophic earthquake in Baluchistan in 2013, NNWT promptly organized a strategic response meeting in Lahore with representatives from various trusts. Key participants included Dr. Rizwan Naseer from Rescue 1122, whose expertise in disaster management was invaluable.

  • Provision of Tents and Ration Packs: NNWT committed substantial resources, including 25 tents and 100 ration packs, valued at approximately PKR 325,000. These supplies were crucial for providing immediate shelter and sustenance to families rendered homeless by the earthquake.
  • Collaboration with Local Authorities: The Trust worked closely with local authorities and other non-governmental organizations to ensure a coordinated and efficient distribution of aid, maximizing the impact of their efforts.

2. KPK Earthquake 2015

The 2015 earthquake in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) had a devastating impact, particularly in District Shangla, Tehsil Alpuri. NNWT’s response was swift and multifaceted, focusing on both immediate relief and long-term rehabilitation.

  • Warm Clothing and Bedding Distribution: With the harsh winter approaching, NNWT prioritized the distribution of warm clothing, bedding, and essential ration packs to ensure that affected families could survive the cold conditions.
  • Tent Village Establishment: A Tent Village was established at Dhaeri, Tehsil Alpuri, providing temporary shelters equipped with food, clothing, and health facilities. This initiative was critical in preventing further hardship and disease among the displaced population.

Collaborative Efforts:

  • Partnership with Pakistan Navy: NNWT collaborated with the Pakistan Navy to enhance the efficiency and reach of their relief efforts. This partnership facilitated the rapid delivery of supplies and the establishment of medical camps, demonstrating a unified national response.
  • Volunteer Mobilization: The Trust mobilized a dedicated team of volunteers who braved adverse weather conditions and challenging terrains to deliver aid. These volunteers conducted detailed needs assessments, ensuring that the aid provided was tailored to the specific requirements of each community.

Long-term Rehabilitation:

  • House Renovation Projects: NNWT undertook the renovation of 30 damaged houses, enabling families to return to safe and secure homes before the winter set in. This initiative was pivotal in restoring a sense of normalcy and stability for the affected families.
  • Construction of Temporary Shelters: In areas where immediate house repairs were not feasible, NNWT facilitated the construction of temporary shelters. These structures provided essential protection and comfort, allowing families to rebuild their lives with dignity.

Community Engagement and Support:

  • Medical Camps: NNWT set up medical camps in the affected areas to address the immediate health needs of the survivors. These camps offered basic healthcare services, vaccinations, and emergency medical treatment, preventing the outbreak of diseases.
  • Psychosocial Support: Recognizing the trauma experienced by earthquake survivors, NNWT provided psychosocial support services. These included counseling sessions and community activities aimed at fostering resilience and mental well-being.

Impact and Legacy

NNWT’s earthquake relief efforts have had a profound and lasting impact on the communities they serve. By addressing both immediate needs and long-term recovery, the Trust ensures that affected families are not only supported in the aftermath of a disaster but are also empowered to rebuild their lives. The Trust’s commitment to thorough need assessments, strategic partnerships, and volunteer mobilization exemplifies their holistic approach to disaster relief.

Following earthquake 2013 in Baluchistan, a meeting of representatives of various trusts including Dr. Rizwan Naseer (Rescue 1122) was held in Lahore for need assessment and chalk out welfare plan.

Following Donations were committed:

Naimunnaseer Welfare Trust: 25 tents and 100 Ration Packs (amounting approx PKR 325,000. -)

Akhuwat Welfare Trust: PKR 200,000. –

Qarshi: Medicines worth PKR 200,000. –

We have started transitional renovation of grounded houses which fell due to earthquake so that families at District Shangla Tehsil Alpuri live comfortably through winters. Normally this place is snow covered due to severe cold in winters. After winter season these houses shall be rebuild quake proof. Warm clothing & bedding have also been distributed to all affected families.

NNWT KPK teams distributed blankets, warm clothing & ration packs to the earthquake affected families.

Warm clothing & bedding ready to be dispatched from Lahore for affected brothers & sisters at Dhaeri/ Alpuri Shangla.

Our Armed Forces are our national pride. Not only defending our freedom & borders but in time of need/ calamities, they work tirelessly side by side helping brothers & sisters.

Pakistan Navy is partnering with Naim Un Naseer Trust at Shangla in providing shelter, food & health facilities to the earthquake affected people. Meet Lieutenant Commander Khawar Rasheed/ a naval officer, an untiring soldier who didn’t sleep for consecutive three days after earthquake as he was monitoring Rescue & Relief operation.

Right after earthquak NNWT team carried out need assessment and set up a Tent Village at Dhaeri, Tehsil Alpuri Distt Shangla. Complete village was grounded. They have been provided shelter, food, clothing and health facilities.

Our KPK Team has just passed that snow fall will start anytime after November 20th, 2015 or may be before that. Tents normally do not sustain snow and rains. NNWT will be carrying out repairs of 30 houses before the said date. Average cost per house is Rs 20,000/-. For 30 houses Rs 600,000/- are required. You are requested to please donate generously so that these affected families can sustain winters comfortably.

After NNWT volunteers reached at mountain top/ Dhaeri village they established tent camp for complete affected families.

NNWT Regional Team of volunteers despite heavy rains took 180 lbs tents to the mountain top/ Alpuri village Dhaeri Shangla. A tent village has been established for the entire village ALHAMDOLILLAH. Pictures/ short videos will be shared shortly since there is no internet facility available on mountain top. Go great Naim Un Naseer..

NNWT committed Regional KPK team is still busy evacuating earthquake causalities to the hospital in Peshawar Lady Reading Hospital.

NNWT regional teams are observing the situation very closely and are present on sites all over affected areas in Pakistan esp Peshawar KPK. We shall resume our relief work shortly based on need assessment by the volunteers present on ground.

  • Total Deaths 151
  • So far deaths KPK 134, Injured 101
  • Gilgit 6
  • AJK 3
  • Punjab 8

KPK Regional Teams getting prepared for contingencies.

NNWT regional teams are observing the situation very closely and are present on sites all over affected areas in Pakistan esp Peshawar KPK. We shall resume our relief work shortly based on need assessment by the volunteers present on ground.

  • Total Deaths 137
  • So far deaths KPK 121
  • Gilgit 6
  • AJK 3
  • Punjab 7
  • Injured: 554

At the moment Our KPK Regional Team is in meeting with PDMA KPK for collaborating relief efforts on ground.

“React Pakistan” is a young group of volunteers from Karachi striving hard to serve humanity. They collaborated with Naim Un Naseer Welfare Trust and distributed Rs 4000/- to each earthquake affected family at village Dhairi/ Shangla MASHALLAH. Thanx a lot PCA for coordination & connecting them with us.

Azad Kashmir Earthquake 2019